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                                      Trend and innovation

                                      Trend and innovation

                                      Nowadays, science and technology update contributes to engine technology’s rapid development. And this company hammers at catching the change points and developing trend of engine manufacturers. Also, this company pursuits the perceptiveness, launching the plan of filter to meet the need of customs by working with the manufacturers, producing and providing high cost-effective filter products. At present, auto filter industry has three trends:

                                      1.Small and Light

                                      Small volume, light weight, small capacity, on the contrast, high power, these four factors meet to the engine technology developing trend. Filter innovation must adjust to it and provide a plan which has the smallest space-take-up, light weight, easy install and maintenance.

                                      2.Environment Friendly and Resource Conserving

                                      The trend of clean emissions request more about fuel filter and exhaust gas filter. In addition, to reduce the pollution of waste filter, the filtering system is designed to waste production minimizing or to pollution-free processing.